Dillon's home office

#DeskDiaries: Working From Home Edition

Shelter in place. Social distancing.

Phrases that sounded foreign just weeks ago now roll off our tongues. Staying home is the New Normal.

So much has changed, yet for us JPeeps, it’s business as (somewhat) usual. Since sheltering in place, our team has continued to hit deadlines and create campaigns addressing COVID-19 in our community – all without having to leave our houses.

A few of us have some pretty sweet setups, too. Take a peek at a few of our favorite #WFHDeskDiaries:

Bryan's home office

Shelter in place: Bryan has everything he needs in his studio, including a projector

Dillon's home office

… and everything in its place: Dillon’s ultra-minimalist setup is cool and calming

Shaeley's home office by the pool

Shaeley always looks on the bright side with her 70-and-sunny poolside view

Tara's home office with dog

Tara loves having Kylo as her coworker…

Tara's home office with dog

… except when he takes a coffee break

Staying productive while working remotely isn’t always easy. But thanks to ROWE, we’re used to having the ability to work in sweatpants to the sound of our neighbor’s dog barking.

If you’re new to working from home, here are a few things we do to stay efficient:

“I use my calendar to time block so I can be the most efficient while working from home with my family here. They like to sleep in, so I make the most of my early morning time with no interruptions and work on tasks that require more concentration. I block out time for lunch with my family, and when it’s time to get back to work, I shut myself off in my quiet room and set the expectation for when I’ll be done.”

“In order for me to catch my groove, I tackle the small tasks before I take on ‘The One.’ It helps me get started on the bigger projects.”

“As much as I’d love to work next to my dog on the couch every day, I did a little makeover in our spare room so it feels like an office. I quickly realized how important it is to have a working space, even if it’s a makeshift one! It really helps me get in the right headspace, keep away from distractions and be as productive as I can.”

“Get a cat so that they wake you up and you can get an early start on the day (kidding!). I like to work a little outside if it’s a nice day out, and I’ll take the dogs for a midday run if I’m feeling a little cooped-up after a while.”

“I told my family that the closed office door means no interruptions. And I still meal plan normally – my family has lunch ready so I don’t have to make anything in the middle of the day. Plus, I take breaks to walk around outside. It helps both my brain and my back.”

The recent events have many of us seeing things from a new perspective, even if we haven’t left the house. There’s a greater appreciation to be able to work from home, and we’ve even embraced virtual JP Happy Hours. But there’s something about hearing someone laughing at your Slack reply that brightens your day – that, and Taco Tuesdays at the office.

“Have something to look forward to in your day.” That advice has always helped me stay productive. And right now, it’s what’s keeping me going.