JEANNA ANTONINO | VP Operations / Partner

Be the reason someone smiles today."

Jeanna takes pride in her over 20 years of bringing balance between clients and staff at JP Marketing as the VP of Operations. As a visionary leader with a knack for directing the team in a growth-minded direction, Jeanna oversees the day-to-day running of business to ensure smooth operation.

You will find her taking the lead in all human resources and financial functions, where she coordinates the back end of the business. What makes Jeanna unique is her uncanny ability to develop new talent. Through her work, our team is built on longevity and rooted in providing exceptional service for our clients.

Jeanna is a devotee of lifelong learning and has earned a number of certifications: ROWE Certified Business Trainer, Brandman University Executive Leadership, AB5 Seminar, Hiring for Emotional Intelligence Seminar and Clifton StrengthsFinder reading and application. In addition to her work in the behind-the-scene operations of JP Marketing, Jeanna played a key role in the development of MMAPS™, our own proprietary research tool. Jeanna is an active member of Society of Human Resource Management and an appointed member of CFO Stars.

  • Business operations including human resources and billing
  • Talent acquisition and cultivation
  • Research expert in analyzing data for media, messaging and attitude preference surveys
  • Business operations including human resources and risk management

2012 was named “40 Under 40” by Business Street Online
2012 recipient of the Dale Carnegie Highest Award for Achievement

Strengths: Achiever, Competition, Harmony, Developer, Empathy

  • Jeanna loves bacon. Chances are, if you’re at our office around lunchtime, you’re probably going to smell it cooking.
  • Jeanna calls her phone her superhero. It’s weird, but since we like her so much, we accept it.
  • Jeanna is the longest-standing JP employee. She’s been part of the JP family since 1999.

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