Month: July 2018

iphone photography

5 iPhone Photography Tips

As a social media marketer, part of the gig requires taking photos straight from my iPhone. But what’s the secret to taking amazing iPhone pictures?

anniversary event

Betts’ 150th Anniversary Event

Since 1868, Betts Company has been improving the ways things move. Six generations and 150 years later, it has now evolved into a diversified company

success story

Fresno First Bank Success Story

It was a typical Monday morning at the office. I walked in, checked some emails, grabbed some coffee and started on my tasks. Then I

load rage

Load Rage Against the Machine

“So, how do you come up with that stuff?” When I tell people I work in the creative department at an ad agency, that’s almost

new team members

Pineapples, Pepper Jack & Preferences – Meet Our New Team Members

We’ve just added three new team members! Please welcome Mark Lawrence, Mindy Lor and Xitlaly Ocampo. To get to know them better, we had them

retaining talent

Retaining Talent

“You’re amazing… Now please don’t leave me!” It’s happened to all of us. You hire a really great person, you invest in them, you train

20% rule

What Does Facebook’s 20% Rule Mean?

Have you ever noticed an ad with too much text on your Facebook timeline? If you’re having a hard time recollecting such an ad, it’s

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