Year: 2018

Time Flies: JP’s 24th Anniversary Bash

Time flies when you’re having fun! JP Marketing celebrated 24 years of agency life at our annual anniversary party on December 12. With a rockin’


Check Out Our New Website!

When you’re an advertising agency, one of the hardest things to do is prioritize your own marketing. However, we know that if our website isn’t


What JPeeps See Trending in 2019

That’s (almost) a wrap on 2018! With the holidays still in full swing, leave it to some of our forward-thinking JPeeps to give us a

Parallel Tracking

Google Ads Parallel Tracking

Are you tired of clicking on an ad and it taking so long for you to get redirected to a company’s website?  From my own

logo refresh

Should Your Company Consider A Logo Refresh?

Along with the name of your business, your logo is what consumers will associate with your brand. This is why it’s important for a company

marketing budget

It’s Budget Season!

Did I hear a groan? If you operate on a calendar year, you know that the minute Starbucks starts selling Pumpkin Spice Lattes that’s your

product launch

How to Successfully Launch a New Product on Social Media

Launching a new product is an exciting yet hectic time. There are a lot of different aspects that come into play from packaging to messaging.

internal newsletter

The Importance of Internal Newsletters

As a marketing company, typically, our focus is to get the word out about our clients’ businesses. However, one thing we are sure to remember

sales flyer

Sales Flyers Are Not Dead

It’s 2018. There are still no flying cars but technology is now considered the norm instead of a luxury. Communication is lightning fast and face-to-face

central valley

The 2018 Best of Central Valley Business Reader’s Choice Awards

You say, “SUPPORT”, we say, “LOCAL BUSINESSES!” Now that’s what we like to hear, especially with the start of the 2018 Best of Central Valley

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