Parallel Tracking

Google Ads Parallel Tracking

Are you tired of clicking on an ad and it taking so long for you to get redirected to a company’s website?  From my own experience, I can honestly say that numerous times I have been searching a retail site and it would take nearly ten seconds for the page to load (which is too long to wait) and by that time, I end up leaving the site.

It is important that we all have a great experience when browsing the Internet.  With that said, there is a new Google Ads feature coming your way that will make this problem disappear!

A New Change Is Coming In Google Ads

Parallel Tracking

Starting October 30, 2018, parallel tracking will be required for all Google Ads accounts. Parallel tracking will help load your landing page or website quicker.

It is a convenient new change, that will reduce the number of visitors who leave your website while they’re waiting for your page or website to load.  I know it’s very important for me to be directed to a site that shows me what I need in an efficient manner.

In Google Ads, parallel tracking works by sending the customer directly from the advertiser’s ad to the final URL.  The Google Ads click tracker and tracking URL are both loading at the same time the customer clicks on the ad to get redirected to your website.

This new feature will help customers avoid going through one or more redirects before they reach your landing page or website.  According to statistics, 47 percent of visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds and 40 percent of visitors will leave the website if the loading process takes more than 3 seconds.  So why is this beneficial to you and your business?

Parallel tracking gives you the advantage to get to the website several seconds faster and with a shortened wait time, which will result in a better customer experience. Providing a better customer experience, means increased customer satisfaction, returned visits and reduced customer complaints.

In addition, it will allow customers to find their favorite products and services much faster and purchase what they need on your website!

An Advantage For Your Business

JP Marketing is an agency that prides ourselves on creating superior client relationships and building successful campaigns. We have partnered with Google Ads to create exceptional Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns for our clients and help them achieve their advertising goals.

Your business will benefit from parallel tracking by reducing lost visits to your website, spending less money on bounced clicks and seeing an increase in website traffic, sales and conversions.

All of these activities will drive results and lead to a successful SEM campaign and a return on your investment!

Parallel Tracking

Prepare for the Change In Google Ads

If you are ready to start advertising on Google Ads or if you are already advertising on Google Ads, we can help you look at your account and turn on the parallel tracking feature in the platform.

We can also test your landing page to make sure your ad is leading users to the correct part of your website.

Overall, this is a great advantage and a win-win solution for both the advertiser and the customer.   Take some time to check out the parallel tracking feature that is coming your way very soon.

There is no need to worry, as these are quick changes to check out, and changes I have already looked at.  Becoming an early adopter will put you a step ahead of the game, and JP Marketing has already prepared for this upcoming change!  I hope you find this feature to be a huge success for all your current and future digital campaigns!

If you have any questions, we have a great support team that can help, so feel free to reach out to us anytime!

Angela Steitz, Assistant Media Buyer