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The Importance of Internal Newsletters

As a marketing company, typically, our focus is to get the word out about our clients’ businesses. However, one thing we are sure to remember is to cover internal communication for our clients, as well.

From increasing collaboration and communication to cultivating a company culture, internal monthly newsletters can be the answer to many communication challenges within your business. When considering what value a newsletter could possibly have for your company you may want to consider the following questions:

How can you share information and keep employees involved in company news in an easy and efficient way?

How can you increase internal communication and cultivate company culture?

How can you introduce team members in a way that shares their knowledge yet doesn’t disrupt regular workflow?

At JP, we find that our answer to each of these questions is: an internal newsletter!

Newsletters keep employees of all departments in sync

One example of an internal newsletter that JP Marketing manages would be the GPS Newsletter for the Groppetti Automotive Family. Each month, we send out this newsletter to provide employees updates on ongoing projects, sales information, monthly birthdays and anniversaries, awards and more!

internal newsletter

Each month we create new content to make sure employees are interested and engaged in the information we provide.

What’s Inside the Newsletter

From creating a forum for receiving direct employee feedback to hosting monthly updates on the company, the monthly newsletters have been a great way to cultivate the company culture and to celebrate successes throughout the company.

For example, with each newsletter we feature one to three videos that profile team members to make them feel appreciated and to celebrate their recent achievements. These featured videos may also discuss the Groppetti Automotive Family’s role in the community.

This month, we are featuring a video that covers the VICIS ZERO1 Helmet donation made by the Groppetti Automotive Family. This donation has changed the future of football throughout Visalia Unified School District and has truly resonated with the employees at Groppetti.

Additionally, for this month’s newsletter, we are acknowledging a dealership location for winning the Ichiban Award by Kawasaki for the sixth year in a row! This is a prestigious award that acknowledges the hard work of the employees at the GA Motorsports location. By including a highlight of this award, all employees of the Groppetti Automotive Family are able to acknowledge the team’s hard work and dedication.

What Value Does an Internal Newsletter Bring

Updates like this encourage the employees to reflect and be proud of the company they are contributing to every time they step onto the dealership lot.

From encouraging open communication between all employees, to highlighting the successes of the company, the Groppetti Automotive Family has received great feedback from the employees about the monthly newsletter.

Seven out of eight employee surveys reported that employees feel connected to the dealership after receiving their monthly newsletters. If you are interested in making a similar impact on your employees, reach out to JP to see what strategic internal marketing plan we can create for you!

You’ll hear from me again soon,

Donelle Sirois, Account Coordinator