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How to Successfully Launch a New Product on Social Media

Launching a new product is an exciting yet hectic time. There are a lot of different aspects that come into play from packaging to messaging. Then, what images are you using? What advertising mediums are you sharing your product on? Today we’ll focus on just that.

We highly encourage our clients to use social media as a tool to help build momentum for their new products. But how? Let’s explore the process by looking at the work we did with Raisels, a flavor infused sour raisin snack created by National Raisin Company, for the release of its new product: Fruit Splash.

Get Creative

When we hear that a client is expanding its product line, we know that means it’s time to crack down on strategy. However, I think we can all be guilty of getting a little too caught up in the strategic side of things that we forget about thinking outside the box. You know, brainstorming those unique and crazy idea – a kind of crazy that just might work.

That’s exactly what our team did with Raisels. After collecting a variety of different ideas, we worked closely with the client to identify the best strategy to execute on social that would also maintain the brand’s voice.

Ultimately, just try not to let the technicality of strategizing consume the new product release. Instead, sit down with your team and think of anything and everything that could possibly work for your client and their product.

Leak Some Hints

For Raisels, a part of our strategy included posting some ambiguous hints. As you can see with the screenshot below, we used a blue (the same blue as Raisels Fruit Splash as you might have noticed) overlay and had the copy center around being blue or getting ready for a splash. Get it?

Now, let’s think about this from a consumer’s perspective:

“Was that blue overlay an accident? No, because they posted using it again.” “Now they’re talking about a splash? What splash? Maybe I’ll learn more in the next post!”

See what’s happening? People are getting interested. They start talking about it and it creates hype. And that’s exactly what was happening on Raisels’ pages.

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Be Flexible

Perhaps one of the most important aspects to remember when launching a new product on social is to be flexible. With new products, anything can happen. Production gets pushed back a day, labels can be misprinted, the news of your new product can be leaked without your consent, etc. With that in mind, make sure to allow for flexibility in your plan to ensure your launch will be a success and won’t be derailed due to a mishap that is out of your control.

Katie Silva, Outreach Coordinator