Month: February 2017

Two New Faces on the JP PR Team

Public relations and social media marketing are growing at an amazing rate! To continue to provide the best experience for our clients, we’ve added two


5 Tips & Tricks To Make Life At Work Easier

I must have been living in the dark ages before I came to JP Marketing. I’ve learned a lot of cool tips and tricks from

Taft College Website Redesign

Creative Highlight: School Is In Session

Without a doubt, the best part of our job is that shining moment when a client is just as excited about a project as we


Use Events to Make Your Customers Fall in Love With You!

Tis the season for all things love: candlelit dinners, bouquets of roses, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate – you know the shtick. In a business sense,

Dani Mosqueda of JP Marketing

New Mom, New Perspective: How Mamahood Sharpened My Skills at Work

As most can imagine, a lot of things shift once you enter into the wild, crazy but wonderful world of parenthood! There are the obvious

JP Marketing Type Tuesday L

Type Tuesday: The Letter L

This is the continuation of the series of designs based on the alphabet from our Creative team. Each post will include their designs and a peek into

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