Month: August 2018


Happy Hour Like Never Before

When dining out, your impression of a restaurant can be affected by multiple things: the food, the service, the prices, etc. One of the first


Behind the Scenes of a Photoshoot

Marketing is like an onion: it has many layers. At JP Marketing, we are able to fulfill your business’ marketing needs in each and every

social media

The Perfect Pair: Traditional and Social Media

A captivating TV spot? Check. An engaging radio spot? Check. A robust media buy? Check. Seems like you have a great marketing campaign all lined


Putting Your Business on the MMAPS

One of JP Marketing’s lesser-known products is our marketing research component, MMAPS. It stands for media, message, attitude, patterns and satisfaction. In a nutshell, it’s

JP marketing

JP Marketing’s New Client Process

For many businesses, the process of finding the right agency to work with can be difficult. You have to make sure your core values and

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