Behind the Scenes of a Photoshoot

Marketing is like an onion: it has many layers. At JP Marketing, we are able to fulfill your business’ marketing needs in each and every layer thanks to our team’s expertise in graphic design, media buying, web development, public relations, video production and much more.

Today, we’ll be taking you behind the scenes of a client photoshoot.

Outline Expectations and Conceptualize

First and foremost, we schedule a meeting with the client. It’s always important to understand the expectations of our clients and what we are setting out to achieve. For this photoshoot, we were to gather images of approved recyclable items for the Fresno Department of Public Utilities.

The goal was to update its recycling brochure with new pictures and copy. It will be used to inform the residents of Fresno of what types of items can be recycled in their blue carts.

After exploring the old brochure and understanding what our clients wanted, we were able to begin conceptualizing the new and improved version we would be designing.

During this meeting, we double and triple check their wants and needs. Then we worked with the client to get an approved list of items that were to be collected and included in the shoot. Once it was finalized, it was our responsibility to make sure we had all of those items in-house for the shoot.

Gather Props and Tools

After we understood the needs of our client, we began to acquire all the props and necessary photoshoot tools. Photoshoots are nothing new to our team so we had all photography and staging items needed for a successful shoot.

However, we still needed all of the items that the client asked us to include in the shoot. So we used our resources and asked all team members to bring any applicable items they had at home.

Once we narrowed down our list, we headed to the store to buy the remaining items. For this shoot we went to Wal-Mart, R-N Market, and Vallarta.


Juggling one busy schedule can be difficult but trying to find a few open hours for four team members is even more challenging! However, you have to get something on the calendar.

For this photoshoot we needed Carlos Perez – Account Manager, Xitlaly Campo – Outreach Coordinator, Brandon Ocegueda – Photographer, and me, the Account Coordinator. To give you an idea of how wild our schedules are, check out the photo below!


Let the Process Begin

Believe it or not, photographing those recyclable items was trickier than we anticipated. You have to consider the glare from the labels, the slightest rotation of a bottle can throw off the professional look, the balance of the items on each side, the different levels for staging, any gaps in between products and so much more!

After shooting each group (paper, metal, glass and plastic), we took images of each item individually for photoshopping purposes.


The shoot was a success. Although there is still plenty of work that needs to go into the production of the brochure, we are one step closer to wrapping this project and having Fresno residents more informed because of it.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes sneak peek into our photoshoot process.

You’ll hear from me again soon,

Donelle Sirois, Account Coordinator