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JP Marketing’s New Client Process

For many businesses, the process of finding the right agency to work with can be difficult. You have to make sure your core values and creative ideas match. You’re also probably wondering “How does the process work?” and “What is expected from both parties?”

Luckily for you, we will be taking you through our process and what it looked like for our client, the Fresno County Department of Public Health.

The Discovery and Kick-Off Meeting

Typically, the first thing we do with new clients is schedule a “discovery” meeting. We explore who you are and what you need, and you get a chance to feel us out as well.

This meeting involves the JP team members who will be in charge of managing the account. The group can range from a mix of media buyers, account managers, public relations managers, graphic designers, copywriters, etc., depending on your needs.

It may feel like speed-dating but discovery meetings help both parties understand whether the relationship will work. Ideally, it gives the company an opportunity to outline what type of marketing efforts you would like to accomplish and whether or not it’s in our scope of work.

Huddle Up Team

Time to get the game plan together. Once our initial client meetings are done, the team gets together for an internal meeting to review deliverables. At this point, expectations have been set and we’re ready to get the team together that will be executing the work.

For the Fresno County Department of Public Health, the Community Health Program was the first division that required immediate start dates for its campaigns. The main priorities of these campaigns were to get information out about the Zika Virus, Valley Fever, and Back to School immunizations.

Since they wanted to reach a large audience, we created and implemented radio spots for English, Spanish and Hmong stations.

Our team also designed digital web ads that were bright and easy to spot for immediate click through traffic.

JP marketing

JP marketing

Keeping Track of It All

Since the client has many moving parts and each division has its own needs, we like to stay organized by having weekly client meetings to keep them up-to-date on each campaign.

Our team also meets internally each week to brainstorm, check-in on each department’s progress, and to make sure everyone is aware of the upcoming deliverables.

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Cynthia Avila, Account Coordinator