Putting Your Business on the MMAPS

One of JP Marketing’s lesser-known products is our marketing research component, MMAPS. It stands for media, message, attitude, patterns and satisfaction. In a nutshell, it’s our solution to finding out answers for your business.

After fully executing a few of these projects for our clients, I can tell you that there is immense value in collecting data, especially the ability to use this data to make informed decisions.

Save Time and Money

Making assumptions rather than doing research may save you time and money upfront but in the long run it can actually cost you more of both. MMAPS gives businesses the data and evidence to support their decisions.

The entire process can vary based on the needs of the client. However, the first step is always sitting down with our team to determine the overall goal and finding the best strategy to get the information the client needs.

Our Process

Internally, we work on a questionnaire that will be most relevant to the intended target market. It is important to frame these questions in a manner that will resonate with the audience and is easy to understand. Once a survey questionnaire is approved, it must then be coded.

The coded survey can vary based on how many paths we foresee a respondent taking. For example, if they answer a question one way, do they go down a different path of questions than the others? Or do we need to include questions that filter our audience even further?

Getting Results

The strategy for the deployment of a survey can also vary based on client needs. We can have people on the ground surveying consumers or provide incentives for completing surveys. If the client prefers, we can utilize our lists or secure one that is more relevant to their goals.

Once we have collected the agreed-upon number of surveys, our team analyzes the results and highlights patterns and numbers in the form of a visual report. It is this report that we base our future marketing efforts on.

As part of our mantra of creating wins, we want to set our clients up for success and sometimes that means spending the time to ask the actual market preferences and what they want out of a brand. While gut feelings and assumptions can take a business far, decisions are much easier to make when they are backed by data.

If you’re ready to utilize MMAPS, give us a call at (559) 438-2180.

Kevin Gordy, Account Manager