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The Perfect Pair: Traditional and Social Media

A captivating TV spot? Check. An engaging radio spot? Check. A robust media buy? Check. Seems like you have a great marketing campaign all lined up! Or is it?

One asset many businesses forget to utilize with their traditional marketing tactics is social media. “But it’s just such a different platform!” Exactly.

If you’re going to launch a fantastic marketing campaign with tv, radio and even digital, make sure to include social media in those tactics as well! Why? Well, let’s explore.

It Creates a Cohesive Campaign

The more exposure you have for a campaign the better your results will be. So why limit yourself to the number of platforms your ads are running on?

When you include social media into your marketing campaign you’re increasing the number of touches your audience experiences with your brand. According to the Salesforce, it takes anywhere from six to eight touches to generate leads.

Think of it this way – when you don’t include your newest campaign on social media and your audience goes to your page only to see that it lacks your newest campaign’s messaging, that’s inconsistency.

You’ll Reach the Cord Cutters

In 2017, there were an estimated 21.3 million cord-cutters (those who choose to not pay for TV) in the United States and that number is expected to grow to over 40 million by 2021. That’s a lot of eyeballs that are potentially not seeing your TV ad.

Luckily, social media can address this issue by simply trimming that TV spot into an assortment of spots in which you can then push across a variety of social platforms.

Experience Higher Impressions

As the last point may have alluded to, by pushing your ads on social media platforms you are increasing the number of impressions of your campaign.

We’ve had clients run campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn that have experienced anywhere from a few thousand impressions to millions of impressions.

Talk About Affordable

What’s great about placing ads on social media is how incredibly affordable they can be! Those thousands of impressions I was just mentioning? We’ve placed ads with as low as $6 CPM. That’s $0.006 per impression!

Social media is also getting better at optimizing its ads to ensure your campaign is reaching the right audience which ultimately helps to create qualified leads. No matter the objective of your social media ad, it’s certainly a much more affordable effort compared to traditional methods.

Immediately Drive Results

Another great feature of social media is that it allows your audience to take immediate action on your ad. For example, if you’re trying to push for more online sales, social media ads can embed the link to your online store so people can reach it by simply clicking on the ad.

With traditional marketing methods you can certainly supply your audience with a link and try to persuade them to go to it. However, that’s an extra step to the consumer and they might think, “Oh, I’ll check that out later,” and sometimes that “later” never comes around.

So, the next time you’re getting ready to put together a marketing plan, go ahead and allocate some of the budget for social media placement and see the success you’ll draw from it.

If you need some help learning how to best place social media ads, send an email to our PR department at Or glimpse through this previous blog:

Katie Silva, Outreach Coordinator