Since 1994

Twenty-seven years later, JP Marketing is a growing team of diverse talents, passions and backgrounds.

One thing has stayed constant as we constantly evolve: that fearless, entrepreneurial spirit born in 1994.

Creating Wins, Cultivating Relationship tagline at JP Marketing office in Fresno, CA

CWCR (aka Who We Are)

Most agencies have a page called “Who We Are.” It’s where you’ll read buzzwords like “strategic” and “problem-solvers.” But to us, those say more about what they do and less about the people and their values.

At JP, what we believe in and why we do what we do flies off the page. It’s not just written here, it’s written on our faces and on the walls:

Creating Wins, Cultivating Relationships

We invite you to meet us and see for yourself how we live and breathe our mantra. We hope that in doing so, we can work together and begin a lasting relationship with you and your brand.

Because Creating Wins, Cultivating Relationships isn’t just a catch-all phrase to support some generic copy on another “who we are” page. Because who we are is evident.

And yes, it really is written on one of our walls.