Month: January 2015

The Scotch Club: Marketing Lessons From a $150 Bottle of Scotch

Some members of the JP Team have recently started The Scotch Club. And what began as a journey to sip on some of the world’s


Goal Setting: Looking Into The Future of JP

Earlier this week, the entire JP team took a little trip across town to have a chat about our goals for the future. In layman’s


Jane’s Marketing Tips: Make the Most of Awards Season

Awards season has arrived! The Golden Globes, The Academy Awards and The Grammy’s all have one thing in common: they award the best of the


Hey Instagram – Get With The Program!

For those of you who manage multiple Instagram accounts, you know my struggle. For those of you who only use Instagram to post the daily


A New Year’s Resolution Not For Commitment-Phobes

It’s the time of year for resolution making. Or for some of you, since it’s January 2, resolution breaking. I love blogging. I love what

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