Jane’s Marketing Tips: Make the Most of Awards Season

Awards season has arrived! The Golden Globes, The Academy Awards and The Grammy’s all have one thing in common: they award the best of the best every year. And if you’ve ever watched an episode of MTV Cribs, all successful artists have their collection of awards proudly displayed in their homes for all to see. Your business should follow suit and exhibit the awards it’s received. Jane has a few tips to help you find the Oscars of your industry and how to leverage them in your favor. Take a look:

Get more airplay for your awards. Think of your awards as songs – some tracks are number one hits on the Billboard charts and others are only on your album for all your fans to hear. Either way, all your songs are important, just like all of your awards. Create a place on your website that lists your awards for all your fans (and potential fans) to see.

Tell your fans about your awards. Chances are your fans are the ones who helped you earn your awards. And if you’ve got amazing fans that love what you do, they’ll be happy to like or even share your social media posts about your awards. Show them some love and thank them for their support.

Go on tour with your awards. Now that your awards are on your website and social media pages, it’s time to go on tour and add your recent awards to your newsletter. If you have a large database, news will travel quickly about your award and the more awards you win, the more credibility you gain for your business.

Nominate your business for more awards. While this may seem odd, it’s a great step in the right direction to winning more awards and helping your business go platinum. Even if you don’t win every award you apply for, the increased awareness for your business is worth the effort.

Thank your fans. Always have an acceptance speech prepared to thank your fans at an awards ceremony. Not everyone expects to win every award they’re nominated for, but you still want to be prepared and say the right thing when the spotlight is on you.

Here are a few of the awards opportunities in the Central Valley:
The Institute for Family Business’ California Family Business Award
The Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics
BPF’s Ag Business Awards
The Business Journal’s Best Of Awards
First Five Fresno County’s Child Friendly Business Awards
Fresno Bee’s People’s Choice Awards
Fresno Chamber of Commerce Valley Business Awards