Month: May 2014

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Facebook Likes

“Should I buy Facebook likes to boost my presence?” We get this question WAY more often than we should. When talking to people around the


How To Get More Likes: Facebook Marketing 101

Think of this as your introductory course into Facebook marketing. It’s not in-depth, but it’s a quick overview to help you when talking to your


The Importance of Business Card Design

  Looking to create a business card or revamp your current one? Check out our advice on what makes a business card really stand out.


How important are family business communities? Very.

Walking into a room full of local and renowned family businesses is sort of like walking into a community gold mine. Last week, I attended


Planning a big event? Here’s what you need to know:

Have you ever had nightmares months before a big event, where you can’t find your clothes or you forgot to invite everyone or you didn’t

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