The Importance of Business Card Design


Looking to create a business card or revamp your current one? Check out our advice on what makes a business card really stand out.

Decide what information to include on your card. Don’t overwhelm the reader. More often than not we see business cards with unnecessary or distracting information. The information you need to include on your card is industry specific – for example, a construction contractor would probably not need to include his Twitter handle, because it’s not exactly relevant to his job. A writer or journalist on the other hand, would definitely want to showcase his or her social media links.

Make sure you include your actual job title on the card, and not just the name of your company. It’s important that people know what role you play in an organization. Knowing your job title allows people to get a general idea of what skills you might have, and if you’re the right person to contact in a given situation.

Use a standard business card size. This doesn’t mean you can’t get creative, but people are less likely to carry your card if it doesn’t fit in the average wallet or business card carrier. The standard size is 3.5” x 2”, and pretty much every card designing program on the internet will have this part already done for you.

Make sure your design has a purpose. No one likes clutter, especially when they’re trying to see the bigger picture. Making sure your text is clear and easily readable will make a huge difference in the impression that you make with customers and potential business partners. If you feel like there’s not enough room on the card for all of your information, use the back. The backside of a business card is a great place for slogans, websites, and other contact methods. Don’t be shy about using it!

Use a quality paper stock. Don’t skimp out on the paper quality of your cards, as thicker paper will almost always make a better impression than the cheap stuff. If you’re just making a flat card with no folds or punch-outs, we recommend going with a textured 80 lb. covered cardstock.

Get creative. You don’t want to make your card illegibly, but you also want it to stand apart from others. Check out some of these cool ideas from other companies and individuals:

Hire a professional. When it comes to putting your best foot forward, sometimes hiring a professional designer is the greatest thing you can do for your business. Business cards are a large part of first impressions, so having a quality one is important when making connections!

This blog was written by Sara Remus, Social Media Assistant at JP Marketing. You can find her on  and Twitter.


One thought on “The Importance of Business Card Design”

  • unclegeorge says:

    The “Make sure the design has a purpose” /business card guidelines/ should explicitly state that size does matter.

    1/2 of the business cards are illegible because of the type size. No one should have their cards printed before asking their grandmother if she can read the phone number and email information on the card. Physician’s cards are the worst. If their practice includes geriatrics, the size of the print on their cards is proportional to their brains. You would think they’d know that size matters.

    Purgatory was built for folks with illegible business cards.

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