Planning a big event? Here’s what you need to know:

Have you ever had nightmares months before a big event, where you can’t find your clothes or you forgot to invite everyone or you didn’t buy any food? I have those all the time, and if I followed my own advice, I wouldn’t have so much to worry about (and I’d remember my clothes). Check out this guide on how to plan the perfect event that will go off without a hitch!

Assemble a team.

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Great minds work better together! Whether the event is personal or professional, having even one other person can help you to brainstorm ideas and coordinate all of the big (and small) things involved in getting an event off of the ground.

Set a timeline.
The average event takes between three and six months to really plan and execute. Make sure you know what you are doing and when it’s supposed to happen. Do you need to reserve the venue? Are you getting any custom-made decorations or invitations? Do you need to run a social media campaign? Getting these things started ahead of time can create the buzz you need to make your event spectacular.

Keep the event on people’s minds.
Top of Minds
Whether it’s sending out save-the-dates in the mail or having a Facebook page for your event, keep the shindig at the front of people’s minds by stirring up excitement every few weeks. You can do this easily by reminding people of the theme, sharing content related to your event, or featuring sponsors or speakers of the function in a way that will draw others in.

Be aware of holiday and school schedules.
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Make sure your event isn’t the same week as a major holiday (such as Thanksgiving or Christmas) since people are very likely to be out of town or have annual family events that will always come before anything else. Don’t be offended, but think of this as more of something to avoid altogether.

Set up furniture the day before.
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You never really know how busy you’re going to be until the day of the event (which is usually when you forget the ice or the playlist). Setting up furniture, and even complicated decorations ahead of time can take the stress out of the event, making it better for your guests, and more fun for you.

Follow up after the event.
Follow Up
Sending thank you cards to attendees or posting photos on Facebook are a great way to increase engagement with a company or among people after a function. Sending out surveys after the fact can help you to determine what went great and what could be improved.

Now that you know the important stuff, you can get started planning the party of the year!

This blog was written by Sara Remus, Social Media Assistant at JP Marketing. You can find her on and Twitter.