The Scotch Club: Marketing Lessons From a $150 Bottle of Scotch

Some members of the JP Team have recently started The Scotch Club. And what began as a journey to sip on some of the world’s finest spirits has turned into a tour of some of the most exquisite packaging designs.

It might have been the twenty-one-year-old bottle of single malt scotch whiskey, but we were all impressed by the carefully designed box (pictured below). From the wooden casing with a laser-etched emblem to a sleeve with embossed foil, no expense was spared. (Including the nodule engineered to ensure that the bottle would be perfectly placed in its case.)

Which brings us to one simple idea that some forget:
A great product deserves great packaging. 

To truly make the customer experience as exceptional as your product, you should not skimp on its packaging. It’s going above and beyond that makes your product not only stand out among competition, but live on after your product is long gone. (We’ll be collecting our favorite scotch bottles – be sure to see them when you visit us next!)

All of this really had me thinking about some of my favorite experiences with packaging. Earlier this year, I bit the bullet and purchased some terribly expensive makeup from Lime Crime because of its outstanding reviews. I have to admit, when the box finally came, that’s the part I showed everyone.

(Apologies to all of the male readers who I just lost. I know, I know… you were psyched for a blog entirely about scotch, and I killed it.)


Photo by: Dominique Ngheim

Yes, we all want a great product. It’s why we’re coming to you. But it’s the little things that make us want to show our friends, and therein lies your return on investment: word-of-mouth marketing from a customer who is so excited about your product they want to post a photo on Instagram or pass it around the office.

I’d love to hear some of your favorite packaging experiences – post them in the comments below!

Anna Gonzalez, Outreach & New Media Manager