A New Year’s Resolution Not For Commitment-Phobes

It’s the time of year for resolution making. Or for some of you, since it’s January 2, resolution breaking.

I love blogging. I love what it can do for a company. I love how it can help a person reading it. And I especially love what it can do for the person writing it. But to be truly successful at it, you’ve got to stick to it.

Whether it’s to improve your website’s SEO or to improve your mental well-being, you’ve got to write and you’ve got to do it often.

Blogging isn’t for anyone who’s scared of commitment. Like a relationship, you have to devote time and a little bit of your heart to make it work. Thus is my most important resolution for 2015.

For a solid year and a half, I was able to keep the JP blog updated every week and quite often twice a week. It was a personal triumph to balance client work and continue blogging for JP weekly.

I remember a handful of instances this year when I would be in a meeting with a potential client pitching blogging and talking in length about the importance of keeping it up to date.  Someone would always try to trip me up and ask about the JP Marketing blog. “Well, I’m glad you asked!” I would say with a smile as I opened our site to walk them through our latest posts (one was usually updated that morning) and give them examples of the type of blogs we write and different options for their industry.

Well folks, if you’ve visited our blog lately, it’s a different story. These lasts few months have been the busiest I’ve ever had at JP. Which is great news for business, but sad news for our blog.

That’s all changing in 2015! Don’t worry clients, you still come first and always will. And while work doesn’t show any signs of slowing, I want to make it a real point to keep the JP blog alive and breathing.

Whether it’s one blog a week or two, the JP team will be here telling you what we think about the latest trends, showing you some of our favorite things, and so much more!

See you next week!

– Anna Gonzalez, Outreach & New Media Manager

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