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New Mom, New Perspective: How Mamahood Sharpened My Skills at Work

As most can imagine, a lot of things shift once you enter into the wild, crazy but wonderful world of parenthood! There are the obvious things like lack of sleep. Oh, how I miss my dear old friend, “Mr. Snooze Button.” No more living dangerously, for example, no more putting makeup on in the car with your baby in the back seat…not even mascara at a red light, forget about it! You learn a lot of quick lessons. Above all your heart grows with each passing day.

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that 70 percent of women with a child under age 18 participate in the workforce. And some would say that starting a new job right after maternity leave may have been a bold choice, but when you are given the chance to work with creative people in a collaborative and fun atmosphere, you jump at the opportunity.

But as a new mom, I would say it has been one of my best choices and I know that I’m not alone. In every facet of my job, I get to work with equally strong moms who are not only providing for their families, but also leaving their marks on their professions.

As my first few months at JP have quickly gone by, I have noticed yet another shift – a positive and heightened awareness at work that I can only attribute to my new perspective, that of a new mom.

Mom Brain IS A Real Thing

“The phenomenon known to mothers where their brains become useless piles of goo after being around their children for too long.” Wow, thanks Urban Dictionary. You sure don’t hold back. I mean, there was that one time I accidently swapped my lunch with the baby’s and may or may not have eaten pureed apple and carrot at work.

Mom Brain is real. It isn’t the forgetfulness, but actually the mindfulness. That motherly instinct comes naturally when I can sense the emotions of others around me and empathize for whatever they may be going through. I find myself thinking more positively and acting more patiently. And when you work with multiple clients on a daily basis, it is a much needed and appreciated attribute.

Making the Most of My Time

I am that person who will try to carry 100 pounds of groceries to the kitchen in one trip because, God forbid, I have to go back for that last carton of almond milk! Multi-tasking gets taken to another level as you find yourself using your feet to pick up toys, your hip to shut the car door and maybe even an elbow to pry open the cupboard for a snack.

After becoming a mom, you acquire a whole new level of thinking when it comes to time management and how to juggle multiple things at once. At JP Marketing, I find I am able to get more done in less time. You have no choice but to be organized and thoughtful with not only your time but others’ as well.

Re-Setting Your Priorities

As a new parent, your priorities naturally shift and the kiddo comes first. You may think you have a game plan for the day, but when something (the spit ups, meltdowns and all that lovely stuff) happens that requires you to switch gears and tackle what’s most important at the moment. You will get back to your plan eventually, but maybe not in the order you had originally thought, and that is okay.

Being organized is crucial in any work environment, but the ability to prioritize can make you even more effective. When you increase your willingness and ability to shift priorities as needed, you can keep an open mind to spontaneity and flexibility with each project.

Adapting To A New Life

Like most things in life, you can’t predict what will happen, but always plan for things to take a different turn. There are times I have stuffed nearly every possible item I would need in the diaper bag to the point it looks like I am backpacking through Europe for an entire summer. But inevitably something will happen where the solution is not in that bag.

That constant change can happen hour-to-hour or even minute-to-minute, and time is of the essence so you must be willing to roll with it! Your toolkit may not be a diaper bag, but maybe it’s the backup plans for how you’re rolling out your new product launch or your multi-level approach to planning your company’s anniversary party.

This increased adaptability has definitely carried over into my work life as I am unafraid to face the unpredictable, am less frazzled when things don’t go according to plan, and able to prioritize on the fly. If I am hit with an urgent client request, I will act swiftly but with the grace to create a solution.

Facing Your Fears

No one wants to hear the lovely details of pregnancy and childbirth. I will keep it real and say, after nine months of pregnancy, 40 hours of labor and another three days in the hospital, you walk out of there feeling a little bit like a ninja warrior princess (because you totally are!)

That fearlessness has carried over to my day-to-day at work. I feel as though I am less afraid to push the boundaries, share opinions more openly, negotiate when necessary and comfortable taking on a project that may include a learning curve.

In the end, mamahood is a gift in itself and shout out to all of the working moms. My new perspective has added value to my skills at work and now that is something to be celebrated. With grown-up food of course, no more pureed veggies please!

-Dani Mosqueda, Account Manager

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