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Sales Flyers Are Not Dead

It’s 2018. There are still no flying cars but technology is now considered the norm instead of a luxury. Communication is lightning fast and face-to-face interactions are at an all-time low.

Although we don’t think you shouldn’t rule out a big budget commercial, sometimes good old-fashioned ink and paper can get the job done just as well (in some cases, even better).

It’s mind boggling to think that sales flyers can still be used as a successful tactic to increase your company’s sales. Now I’m not saying that all industries can benefit from a sales flyer but in this case our client, Betts Truck Parts and Service, continues to exponentially increase its sales with this simple, yet strategic, tactic.

So why do flyers still work?


Businesses may not always have the type of marketing budget that would allow for them to conduct consumer research. However, a simple tactic such as sending out flyers, can cost very little but may yield quite the return on investment.

Attention Grabbing

sales flyer

Unfortunately, the chances of seeing a bad flyer is very common. So, what makes a great flyer? One that’s attention grabbing! With the proper resources such as our expert graphic designers, it’s simple to get a flyer that not only draws attention but also encourages consumers to call for more information, make a purchase, visit your website, etc.


Today, you can track EVERYTHING: if they’ve added the toppings to your pizza yet, what city your online order is in, how consumers have heard about you and even their daily habits.

The delivery of flyers is no different. In fact, it is almost more accurate in its trackability than other methods. For instance, when you add phone numbers and landing page URLs to your flyers, you can track the number of phone calls and online views that resulted from those specific flyers.

If you are interested in creating sales flyers for your company, reach out to our experts and maybe you too can have a significant return on your investment.