What JPeeps See Trending in 2019

That’s (almost) a wrap on 2018! With the holidays still in full swing, leave it to some of our forward-thinking JPeeps to give us a sneak peek of what’s going to be big in marketing for the new year. Hear from our designers, developers and media specialists on what they expect to see in 2019 — and learn how we can help incorporate them into your next project.

Digital Success

“We’re going to see more digital video used on its own as a tactic, versus just seeing it as an extension of TV. What works great on TV doesn’t always work as well on digital, so we have to rethink how our content and messaging works across all screens.”
 Christina Chann, Media Buyer

Quick Web Hits


Designs by Rob Robertson

“I’ve noticed extra large title fonts “above the fold”, with isolated imagery intertwined through the type. Designers are continuing to maximize the brief moment a user lands on their site to pack compelling imagery with limited compelling copy to make an instant impression. They’re not even counting on the user scrolling. Just like Instagram: picture, next, picture, next. It’s the Ariana treatment of ‘thank u, next.’
 Pablo Ruiz de Chavez, Web Developer

Post-Sale Delight

“In 2019 you’ll see companies moving their focus into personalization and experience, with a focus on post-sale delight. We’re no longer in an age of caveat emptor where it’s buyer beware. It’s now caveat venditor, or seller beware, where the seller/service provider needs to understand that buyers are intelligent. With reviews, feedback sites and social media, the baseline expectation is incredibly high. Making sure you can address any negative feedback and delight those customers after the sale or visit is key.”
— Charles Adkins, Social Media Manager

Visual Storytelling

Campagnia drink menu in its element — the bar. Photo by Oliver Greenbarg

“In photography, placing products or people into a composition where you can see more of the environment, rather than just close-ups or the subject on a plain background, helps tell more of the story. Giving our subjects context creates a more powerful image. Plus, when you factor in the larger availability and lower cost of drones, we can now get great shots of environments that would have previously been impossible or expensive to obtain.”
— Oliver Greenbarg, Graphic Designer & Photographer

More Diversity & More Swipes

“I think we’re going to see better diversity when it comes to imagery, with a push for targeting all people and cultures and accessibility. We’ll also see more navigational elements that involve swipe gestures on mobile.”
 Dillon White, Web Developer

Textured Art

Incorporating textures and bright colors may feel like a throwback to school days, but it’s a rising trend.

“I’m seeing more of a traditional trend for artwork, with using raw materials and bright, vibrant colors.
Recreating the look of cut-out papers, even photographing other paper to create that feeling of texture, is popping up more.”
— Vicken Massoyan, Senior Graphic Designer

Are you ready to give any of these new trends a try? If you want to know more about what new tactics will work best for your next project, connect with us! We’re ready to collaborate with you.