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Should Your Company Consider A Logo Refresh?

Along with the name of your business, your logo is what consumers will associate with your brand. This is why it’s important for a company to develop a look that is easily identifiable, consistent and stands out from the competition.

Now you’re probably wondering, “if your logo is the cornerstone of your brand, why should you consider a logo redesign?” We’re glad you asked.

Times Are Changing and Trends Are Constantly Evolving

The first reason your company should consider a logo refresh is if you’re currently going through company changes or maybe it’s an old logo and it no longer represents who you are.

Today we’ll explore the process we went through with our client, the Fresno Community Health Improvement Partnership, better know as FCHIP.

Since our team is actively working on their new website, we thought it would be fun to also present them with a new style guide which included a treatment of the logo, fonts and color pallets.

Explore All Creative Collateral

When redesigning a website, it is important to revisit all creative collateral to see if other aspects can be updated as well. As we did so, we realized their old logo was just not going to get the job done. It stated their entire name and also included a symbol that represented community.

logo refresh

Our design team wanted to take it one step further. The idea was to give them a new, modern, simple look that was both appealing and easy to recognize that also fit their website aesthetic.

Creating a Cohesive and Updated Design

The new logo now includes the abbreviation “FCHIP” since many of their partners, sponsors and employees refer to them as such. We also decided to incorporate a warmer orange color to the pallet since it often represents enthusiasm, happiness, determination, success, encouragement and stimulation which were all key elements that we instilled in their website as well.

logo refresh

In the end, your clients, customers and members will remember your company through the visual presentation of your logo, so why not spice it up and modernize it to keep up with the trends? Call us at 559.438.2180 to set up a meeting, today.

Cynthia Avila, Account Coordinator