success story

Fresno First Bank Success Story

It was a typical Monday morning at the office. I walked in, checked some emails, grabbed some coffee and started on my tasks. Then I received an unusual email from our clients at Fresno First Bank.

They were experiencing a significant spike in leads. It was so large in fact, that it practically crashed the hosting site. The culprit? Facebook ads.



The main reason for this spike was due to implementation of new Facebook advertising methods. Here at JP, we pay very close attention to any changes that come into the complex world of social media, which can sometimes happen on a daily basis. This may come as to no surprise with the recent online data issues and GDPR protocols.

Although such changes may seem rather straightforward to the public, it’s anything but for social media managers. The key to success with such major change is how one manages it.

Our team always researches the issues/changes well before it gets put into effect. So we are able to adjust the way we manage our clients’ social media campaigns in a timely and strategic manner rather than a hectic, last minute scramble to comply.

This was precisely the case with Fresno First Bank. It was apparent that the way Facebook optimizes its ads were changing. So we went ahead and tested what would work with these changes. After careful consideration of new tactics, we were able to identify a new strategy that clearly worked!



We received nearly double the amount of impressions and five times the amount of link clicks with this new strategy for Fresno First Bank’s social media campaign!

This success was recognized not only by the client, but by Facebook as well. They saw how we were implementing these new practices and that they were certainly working.

Since creating wins for our clients is our biggest goal, everyone at JP does a little happy dance when clients point one out to us. But when the big guy, Facebook, recognizes a win, that’s when our hearts (okay at least us social media mangers) begin to soar!



So what should you take away from this? Don’t hesitate to try a new approach.

Rather than waiting to see what others do, be the one who sets the example. You never know what will be a success until you put yourself out there and try it!

Katie Silva, Outreach Coordinator