Dillon White | Senior Designer

60% of the time, it works every time.” - Brian Fantana

Dillon is a solution-finder. He loves when clients present him with a problem or challenge, even if it’s something he’s not familiar with, because his favorite part of the job is helping clients achieve their goals. He also prides himself on doing so quickly – he strives to create solid first drafts of his work so he can save his clients time and money.

Dillon brings a wealth of knowledge to every project. From website development to design, he’s all about creating a positive user experience that focuses on human-centered design. His background in multimedia and design give him an advantage in creating various types of collateral pieces, including brochures, business cards and websites. Dillon can take your project from a simple thumbnail sketch or idea to a fully formed product.

UI / UX design that unifies brands messaging on a digital platform
HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Logic Pro, JQuery
Responsive web design
Mobile design

Notable Clients

  • Shaver Lake Visitors Bureau
  • Electrical Advantage Engineering
  • Pure Fresh
  • Van Beurden Insurance
  • Lewis Diamond Co
  • Silicon Valley Innovations

Strengths: Empathy, Harmony, Individualization, Connectedness, Positivity

• He plays the drums and guitar
• His favorite movies are the James Bond films (Sean Connery was his favorite Bond)

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