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If you know, you know blog post | Samantha Mabry

Agency Life at JP: If You Know, You Know

I have had the pleasure of working for JP Marketing on the account team for about three months, and I can genuinely say I have

Improve Teamwork in the Hybrid Workplace by Marisa Palazzo

How to Improve Teamwork in the Hybrid Workplace using CliftonStrengths

I’ve recently started listening to The CliftonStrengths Podcast by Gallup. Throughout the podcast, the host, Jim Collison, talks about strengths activation on a personal and

Dillon's home office

#DeskDiaries: Working From Home Edition

Shelter in place. Social distancing. Phrases that sounded foreign just weeks ago now roll off our tongues. Staying home is the New Normal. So much


Your True Colors are Showing: How We Respond in Challenging Times

It’s impossible to ignore the current impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the world around us. We have choices to make every day about what’s best

person working on laptop

JP’s ROWE Reality — Four Years Later

Our ROWE reality started four years ago. First with a goal, then with a book – and shortly thereafter, a commitment. Our goal was a


Josh’s ROWE Reality

For all of us at JP, clients come first. That means you need to get your work done; now how you do it is a


Pablo’s ROWE Reality

I love ROWE. It’s the best thing that’s happened to me since working at JP. With ROWE, all that matters is that my clients are


Michele’s ROWE Reality

When I was asked to write a blog about my experience as a new team member for JP and my experience with ROWE, I thought


ROWE Reality: Our Results-Only Work Environment™

When interviewing for an Account Executive position at JP Marketing, I was presented with the theory of ROWE™(Results Only Work Environment). It sounded too good

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