SFBI Case Study

Rolling Out a New Website for the San Francisco Baking Institute


San Francisco Baking Institute 

Timeline: April 2022 – June 2022

Budget: $19,000


The San Francisco Baking Institute (SFBI) has been a renowned leader in Artisan bread and pastry education since 1996. Students travel from all over the world with all sorts of backgrounds to learn how to bake artisanal French bread, cakes, pies, and all sorts of sweet treats at the SFBI. 


The team at SFBI reached out to JP Marketing via a referral from another client that we helped previously on a government website. Our original scope of work was to help SFBI fix some functional issues on their website. Coming in as a consultant, we realized the issues were much too large to simply “fix.” Our goal then shifted to a complete rebuild of the broken website. 

Audiences Reached: 

  • Prospective Students
  • Online Shoppers
  • International Bakers

Work Performed

Web Development 

Our Senior Web Developer, Pablo, traveled to San Francisco to spend time in the SFBI facilities, really taking the time to get to know what the client had to work with before approaching this project. Some of the initial problems SFBI had included users not being able to log on, check their class schedules, or claim a spot in a class. Once we pulled back the curtain on the website to evaluate what we were dealing with and the scope of work changed, JP helped to completely redevelop the website, including platforms for e-commerce, video lessons, and ticket scheduling. 

All of this work happened behind the scenes. There were no changes in photography, copywriting, or layout, so users never saw a major change on the website. However, the functionality of the site certainly improved. When our team finished, users were finally able to log on, buy tickets, and purchase goods online. Most impressively, the website load time went from upwards of ten seconds to less than a second.

Web Consultation 

All of this work resulted in some set-up time between JP and the client, so our team also ensured that we were collaborating with the individuals at SFBI who would be maintaining the website. These conversations were essential to making sure everything was running smoothly for the client once the website was relaunched and onward. 

Client Testimonial: 

“I’m incredibly grateful for the remarkable work done by JP Marketing on our website. When we reached out to them, SFBI.com ran extremely slow and did not process sales correctly. Over a three-month period, JP Marketing expertly fixed these issues and transformed our online presence.

JP Marketing’s team demonstrated exceptional professionalism and expertise from the start. They took the time to understand our specific challenges and devised a comprehensive plan to revamp our website. They optimized the CMS, e-commerce, and hosting platforms, resulting in significantly improved performance. SFBI.com now loads A LOT faster. They also fine-tuned the sales and ticketing systems, leading to a boost in class bookings and online video signups.

I can’t express how grateful I am for JP Marketing’s transformative work. They revitalized our online presence and helped us thrive.”

Michel Suas
President and Founder, San Francisco Baking Institute

Pablo Ruiz de Chavez  |  Senior Web Developer