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Stepping Outside the Box

As someone who works in a creative profession, the phrase, “Think outside the box,” gets used relatively frequently and with good reason. I’ve used this

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Web Wise: Planning for a Successful Website

Are you thinking about building a website but feeling overwhelmed by the process? No worries; our team at JP Marketing is here to help! Over

Accessibility In Design - JP Marketing Blog Post

Full Access: The Need for Accessibility in Design

Design is everywhere! It’s in the ads on our phones, on the package of salami you pick up in the grocery store, on the board

Facebook rebrand to Meta

Facebook, Meta and the Metaverse: What it Means for Marketers

Well, it’s official, Facebook has a new name. Let’s talk about it. What’s Meta? After hours of scrolling the internet, I dove into the ‘metaverse’,


A Website Makeover with Purpose and Pandas

A Website Makeover Here at JP, there are very few things we love more than a good makeover. And a website redesign is the best

Digital Tracking Technologies

Digital Tracking Technologies – A Whirlwind Tour

Benefits That Go Both Ways One of the biggest perks of content in the digital world is the ability for computers to remember your past


Three Steps to Building Good Mobile-First Design

It’s no secret that consumers are increasingly online and on the go. In addition, as technology advances, screens and devices are becoming smaller and more


Websites: A Good to Great Guide

The entire web-building process can be simple in theory, but the thought process that happens behind the scenes is where websites are just okay or

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April Recap

JP LAUNCHES OVERHAULED HEALTHCARE WEBSITE Thinking it’s time for a little website TLC? If your website is more than two years old, you’re probably right


Check Out Our New Website!

When you’re an advertising agency, one of the hardest things to do is prioritize your own marketing. However, we know that if our website isn’t