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If you know, you know blog post | Samantha Mabry

Agency Life at JP: If You Know, You Know

I have had the pleasure of working for JP Marketing on the account team for about three months, and I can genuinely say I have

Designing A Logo

Designing a Logo

Like a pig, I see logos these days that are muddy, unkept, and outright stink. But they don’t have to be. When I say Golden

Women's Month Thumbnail

Celebrating Women’s History Month at JP A Message from Jane It is nice to stop and reflect on women’s history and women’s place in business. When I first started JP

Reframeify - A blog post by Jane from JP Marketing

‘Reframeify’: The New Year Brings New Perspective at JP

A MESSAGE FROM JANE: “As we close the door on 2022 and start a brand new year, it’s always an opportunity to sort of re-inspire

Improve Teamwork in the Hybrid Workplace by Marisa Palazzo

How to Improve Teamwork in the Hybrid Workplace using CliftonStrengths

I’ve recently started listening to The CliftonStrengths Podcast by Gallup. Throughout the podcast, the host, Jim Collison, talks about strengths activation on a personal and

A day in the life of an Account Manager

Day in the Life – Account Manager

So, you want to work in advertising? My family likes to joke that I’ve had more career paths than most people…and I don’t disagree. Before

Agency Life Through the Changing Seasons

Agency Life Through the Changing Seasons

I’ve always felt I have the best seat in the house here at JP Marketing. From my desk in the lobby, I enjoy seeing my

Cuatro de Mayo Party at JP Marketing

May the Guac be With You! Cuatro de Mayo, JP Style

Come On Lady, 8 Pound Guac It’s a long-time tradition of JP’s to have a Cinco de Mayo-themed party. We look forward to our margarita


You keep saying that word…

I distinctly remember a music awards show around 2000 when during an acceptance speech the rapper Eminen stated that something was “dropping.” I had never

JP Originals Series - Wrap Up blog - Jeanna, Jane, and Josh sitting while interviewed

JP Originals – Series Wrap Up

Concept Angelica: From humble beginnings to big wins, we all love a good how-it-began story. When we pitched the concept for the JP Originals video

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