Redefining Our Agency’s Journey in the New Year

As we look ahead, the upcoming year will be a pivotal moment for our agency, kicking off with our office move in March. (Don’t worry, we’re only moving two blocks south!) However, we are not just adapting to physical changes; we are also actively redefining our trajectory.

In my role as the copywriter at JP, I’ve dedicated a significant amount of time toward guiding our team through a series of introspective discussions about our brand voice this year. Who are we? What do we stand for? Where do we want to go moving forward? The result of these conversations was articulating our brand promise in a way that reflects our authentic agency spirit:

We seamlessly integrate structure and craftsmanship to produce transformative results, especially when faced with tough challenges.

To elaborate on the evolution of our brand voice, I’ll borrow an analogy from our president and founder, Jane Olvera Majors. Much like a well-curated pair of shoes can define someone’s personal style, it can also be used to define our agency’s approach.

Cinderella’s infamous glass slipper.
Elvis Presley’s blue suede shoes.
Dorothy’s ruby red slippers.

Each of these iconic shoes tells a different story. They’re all from different time periods, some real and others completely make-believe. They flaunt different styles and are presumably different sizes. However, one thing unites them: the basic structure of a shoe—a heel, toe cap, and sole.

Much like the structure of a shoe, we believe that the timeless fundamentals of marketing are a framework for us in everything we do. We build our work on the foundation of tried, true, and respected elements that have proven to be successful in our industry. But what sets us apart at JP is our innovation in style, incorporating elements of strategy and creativity to make something entirely new.

We are creators.

Day in and day out, our in-house creative team, like skilled artisans or trusted cobblers, expertly craft marketing assets and campaigns. Our copywriters weave together narratives that emotionally connect messaging to our target audiences, while our designers work to showcase our commitment to creativity. Whether it’s a brand style guide or a website refresh, each project we tackle results in a thoughtful, unique expression of a client’s distinct identity, tailored to meet their goals and objectives. From there, our media team strategically amplifies this creative messaging by ensuring it reaches our target audience with maximum impact through various marketing channels. There’s no radical or industry-altering revolution happening here, rather a refined evolutionary approach toward marketing that is proven successful by years of experience and client success stories.

‘To walk a day in their shoes.”

Our shoe analogy becomes even more significant when we consider this common phrase. Much like those iconic shoes, we also want to tell a compelling and unforgettable story for our clients. This means stepping into the shoes of our target audience and embracing a deeper understanding of how our work truly resonates. Are we forging authentic human-to-human connections? Are we building trust? To ensure we stay on track, we’ve made it a goal to root our creative and strategic rationale in behavioral science and psychology. By referencing this area of study, we get to understand the hidden triggers that influence decision making in our target audience, whether our intent is to change behavior or convert our storytelling into a sale. We do everything with heart, striving to connect the mind to the soul and encourage positive change.

“These boots are made for walkin’, and that’s just what they’ll do.”

This is just a sneak peek of all the work that’s been happening behind the scenes at JP. There’s even more to look forward to as the new year unfolds, so be sure to stay tuned to read more about our progress. In the meantime, as our internal branding journey evolves and decisions are made moving forward, the sentiment of our agency is echoed in the resilience of these famous words coined by Nancy Sinatra, “These boots are made for walkin’, and that’s just what they’ll do.” We’re excited to continue down this path, explore the unexplored, and discover all that is new for us and our clients.


Jenica Sabelstrom Copywriter/Producer