How JP’s Account Managers Embrace Daily Goal-Setting

Breaking the 80% Rule: How JP’s Account Managers Embrace Daily Goal-Setting

Some statistics suggest that around 80% of New Year’s resolutions lose steam by February. But here at JP, we reject the notion that goal-setting should be limited to the first month of each year. In fact, setting and achieving new goals is a daily practice ingrained in our approach. Whether outlined in project briefs, production timelines, or measured against KPIs, goal-setting is woven into the fabric of our routines, and Account Managers (AMs) hold a pivotal role in that process.

As an AM, I advocate for clients throughout the entire length of a project. In fact, our account team at JP often refers to themselves as the central “hub” of communication, working directly with clients to clearly define challenges, work through solutions, and ultimately create a pathway toward success. As you can imagine, the role of an AM is in a constant state of flux, with differing client needs and preferences on any given day. But, in the pursuit of serving our clients in the best possible way, here are some typical goals that guide us:

Our Positions

Maintain Client Relationships

Cultivating strong connections with clients is pivotal for an AM. This goal involves consistent communication and demonstrating that we genuinely care about our client’s needs. Our commitment goes beyond expectations, functioning as collaborative partners in a shared pursuit of success. We truly believe our authenticity in this department is a distinguishing factor that sets us apart.

Timeline Management and Prioritization

As I mentioned earlier, being an “advocate” means being a reliable source of information for our clients. Often, this means providing accurate and realistic timelines to navigate projects through to the finish line. While unforeseen changes may occasionally be beyond our control, the ability to redirect and realign these priorities is crucial. This commitment is not only something we take pride in, but it is something we work to enhance every day.

Personal Learning and Growth

Whether navigating a learning curve or reflecting on past experiences, we seize every opportunity for growth. Investing time in training outside of projects keeps us attuned to the latest trends and strategies, enhancing our overall capabilities. Through self-reflection, we identify areas for improvement and uncover alternative pathways to develop as individuals and as a team.

A Blueprint for Success

When setting goals, I’ve personally found it best to follow the SMART system, which stands for:

Specific – Be specific about what you want to achieve
Measurable – Ensure your goals are measurable to track progress
Attainable – Keep goals attainable within a realistic timeframe
Relevant – Make your goals relevant to your long-term objectives
Time-Based – Set a timeline against your goals to keep yourself accountable

Whether you’re collaborating with our agency as a client, aspiring to become an AM, or simply prioritizing personal growth in the upcoming year, this framework can guide you as a blueprint for success. However, remember that success is not just about the destination; it’s about the transformative experiences, lessons, and growth we acquire throughout the journey, which always prove to be the most valuable.