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What Does It Mean To Be Creators?

After an extensive process of reflecting inwardly on our agency brand last year, we determined our core values are rooted in innovation and driven by a desire for structure, a vision for enduring value, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

We are creators.

This isn’t so much uncharted territory for us as it is navigating how to express our passions and purpose authentically. Sure, we could simply show you a portfolio filled with our favorite client work along with some of the outcomes and accolades that followed. However, those elements only represent the net result of our process, not the solutions we sought to achieve each step of the way. So, to better understand what we do, it’s better to explain how we think. We’ve written this blog to outline what it means to us to be the creators.

What Does It Mean To Be Creators?Noticing the Unseen

As consumers, it is common to overlook the nuances of design in our daily lives. The menu at a restaurant. Posters on display in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Vinyl wraps on the sides of buses passing through a bustling intersection. But as creators, these little things make us pause and take notice. How do those designs look and feel? Did the creator succeed in their mission, or is there room for improvement? The wheels in our minds are constantly spinning.

What Does It Mean To Be Creators?A Simple Desire to Improve

As creatives, we often focus on the ugly or imperfect parts of designs, analyzing the bad typography, poor messaging, and, overall, some less-than-ideal design choices. The question in our minds that always lingers is, “Do people care?” We certainly do. Being a creator, to us, means having a desire to elevate the mundane, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. So, not only do we actively work on identifying flaws, but we also try to understand the problems our clients face in an effort to discover their potential for improvement. Our goal is not just to create for the sake of creation but to elevate the quality, making any brand or product more interesting and impactful.

“I feel a creator is someone who wants to bring something interesting or beautiful to the surface.” – Bryan Pickens, Art Director at JP.

Obsession with Craft

This day-to-day pursuit to create can almost become an obsession. It’s important to us that our designers have a natural attraction to work that is meticulously thought out and delivered with few defects. It is an addiction that fuels our constant critique of the world’s visual offerings, pushing us every day to refine our own skills.

What Does It Mean To Be Creators?Our Rally Cry

In an age saturated with apps and software promising to “do it quicker” or “save money,” it’s important that your brand or business takes into consideration the lasting impact you aspire to create. Choosing to enlist the help of a creator means making an investment in this expertise and the power of thoughtful design that elevates your vision into visually compelling concepts.


Bryan Pickens  |  Art Director & Jenica Sabelstrom  |  Copywriter / Producer