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Stepping Outside the Box

As someone who works in a creative profession, the phrase, “Think outside the box,” gets used relatively frequently and with good reason. I’ve used this

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Web Wise: Planning for a Successful Website

Are you thinking about building a website but feeling overwhelmed by the process? No worries; our team at JP Marketing is here to help! Over

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Full Access: The Need for Accessibility in Design

Design is everywhere! It’s in the ads on our phones, on the package of salami you pick up in the grocery store, on the board

JP Originals Series - Wrap Up blog - Jeanna, Jane, and Josh sitting while interviewed

JP Originals – Series Wrap Up

Concept Angelica: From humble beginnings to big wins, we all love a good how-it-began story. When we pitched the concept for the JP Originals video

JP's Production Manager, Mark Lawrence, gives us some time management advice!

A Production Manager’s Perspective on Time Management

Time Management and Productivity There’s one thing that we all have an equal amount of within a day: time. 24 precious hours to not only


These Are a Few of Our Favorite Memes 🎶

Memes— we love them, we laugh at them, and sometimes we create them. We don’t browse and tweak memes all the time (okay, maybe a


Concept to Canvas: BTS Of JP‘s 27th Anniversary Photo

For JP’s 27 anniversary, we wanted to honor the tradition of our annual team photo with a concept that celebrated togetherness. And after a long,


Why Networking Matters — From a Senior Web Developer’s Perspective

Although it may be an obvious must-do for a young professional, it’s important to think of networking as a tool to advance your career for

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Creative Highlight: Meet the Litterheads

Three Pitch Meetings When Mayor Jerry Dyer asked JP to create an anti-littering campaign for the City of Fresno, the answer was a resounding yes!


How Your Brand Can Establish a Presence on TikTok

So, You Wanna Make a TikTok? TikTok isn’t just for lip-syncing teens and ring lights. Home to over one billion users, TikTok has been named