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Mandarin Mania: A New Brand Comes to Fruition

When Fowler Packing Company needed a new brand quickly, we said bring it on. The Challenge Fowler Packing planted its first trees more than 20

Team members discussing creative work

If You’re Reading This, You’re Probably Thinking About Something Else

How Mindfulness Can Help Creatives… And You! Sorry, What Did You Say? Research by Harvard psychologists showed that people spend about 47% of their waking


JP’s Design Team Takes Adobe MAX

Every couple of years, the design team at JP attends a conference to learn, inspire, and grow. This year we selected Adobe MAX, which was


Cross-eyed Designers At Work

FocusVision, the leader in quantitative and qualitative market research, came to JP for a new 2016 marketing campaign. The challenge? Market research is typically a


Our Inspiring Art Excursion

Creatives need to be inspired. We must refill the creative pool that is drained every week. As a collaborative team, we decided to visit the


Joining a Community of Creatives

On any given day, you’ll find me pitching creative to potential clients, going back and forth on logo revisions, or leading the creative department on