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An Attitude of Gratitude: Setting the Tone for 2024

At home, in my kitchen, next to the sink, I have a little sign and it says, “Be thankful for the little things.”

Small sign that reads, “Be thankful for the little things.” Once in a while, out of the corner of my eye, it catches my attention, and I’ll stop and think about something I’m thankful for. Even in the middle of a busy and challenging day, it helps me refocus on being appreciative of the little things and realize that these tiny, little things really do add up.

I think it’s important that we share those things as we go into the holiday season and we’re spending more time with family and friends. It really creates an opportunity for us to verbalize or express those thoughts of gratefulness and thankfulness.

As I look ahead to 2024 and think about my approach to the year, and maybe setting some good intentions, I’m going to approach the year with an attitude of gratitude. I hope you’ll join me!


Jane Olvera Majors, President | Founder