How Versatility Adds Value to Our Creative Work

How Versatility Adds Value to Our Creative Work

At JP Marketing, our team uses a collection of apps in the Adobe Creative Cloud to complete client work, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Premiere Pro, After Effects, and more. As an in-house Video Coordinator, my work mainly revolves around editing video in Premiere Pro and audio in the Audition app for radio spots. However, as we continue to push our boundaries as an agency, I’ve been able to familiarize myself with most of the entire collection of creative tools Adobe offers, specifically when navigating animation projects in After Effects.

Before starting here as an intern in 2021, I knew very little about creating motion graphics from scratch. I remember being asked in my interview specifically if I knew how to use After Effects. I froze and didn’t have a better response than, “No, but I can try.” Initially, it was overwhelming to think that anyone could know how to use all the different Adobe programs and how they work cross-functionally. But as I continued to work on client work, I kept my word, trying my best to grow into new skills beyond video and audio.

Reflecting on those moments is so fulfilling because it shows how a little determination can help one grow by leaps and bounds. Today, I am capable of things like…

  • Taking a vector file from our designers and making necessary adjustments using Illustrator.
  • Editing and manipulating photos in Photoshop to create compelling visuals
  • Creating digital visual effects for video projects using After Effects
  • And so much more!

Adapting to these different projects has been incredibly valuable for my personal growth, but it’s also such an ingrained part of the culture at JP. Each of our creative team members approaches projects with an openness to explore things well beyond their comfort zones, which stands out as a primary differentiator between our agency creatives and potential competitors. This versatility adds value to all of the client work we produce.

Recently, we worked on a campaign for the Fresno County Department of Public Health to raise awareness about sexually transmitted diseases. We created three thirty-second video spots, putting my motion graphic skills to the test. I’m proud to say that the client approved all of these spots without revisions in the first round.




In the time since, I’ve honed my skills by creating animated spots for the County of Santa Clara, Fresno County Department of Public Utilities, Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health, and more.





All in all, my answer to the interview question, “Do you know how to use After Effects?” two years ago, was one of the reasons I was hired onto the JP team. Dedication to trying something new, learning and growing regardless of the task, and improving from mistakes are all essential parts of any project. And it’s not just specific to our internal team; the same applies to our clients, too. It might be scary to challenge the status quo, but if the results are something you’re proud of and you achieve your goals, it is all worth it!

Alex Carrillo  |  Video Coordinator