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A Day in the Life: Web Developer Creative Problem Solver

I started tweaking websites around seven years ago. Those were less exciting days where I was part of only a few simple projects for work. Things changed in 2015 when JP took a chance on me to be part of its team as a web developer.

As part of the creative department here at JP, we get to wear many different hats. JP is a versatile and powerful full-service agency that gets things done—sometimes we design, sometimes we code, sometimes we build things. We are a Master of Tons. But no matter the hat we wear, the objective is always the same—solve problems.

For me, some of the roles I’ve played around here are:

  • Front-End Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Animator
  • Video Editor
  • Spanish Language Specialist
  • Bartender

Illustration of toolsIn early 2016, JP adopted a Results Only Work Environment™ (ROWE™) allowing us to focus our attention solely on measurable results without the need to be stationary in the office. In essence, we strive to keep our clients happy, meet all deadlines on time and over-communicate. All this without the need of having to be in the office. Thus, no two days are ever the same, but what follows is my approach to working at JP.

I Am a Night Owl

I have no sleep pattern. It’s terrible. But it allows me to stay ultra-flexible for any project that comes up. I always have my laptop by my side, respond promptly via instant messaging, and work on weekends or through the late hours of the night when I need to.

I Take on All Jobs

Big or small, I take on all projects with the same high-quality approach. Prioritizing the smaller tasks helps me catch a groove to tackle the bigger, daunting ones. Tasks can be as simple as translating a few lines from English to Spanish, to developing a website comprised of hundreds of pages (fun fact: my largest project to date has been redesigning and developing a 300+ page website for a college in SoCal!).

A typical daily to-do list may include:

I Get to Use Cool Software on the Reg

We put out only the best work for our clients. So naturally, we use only the coolest software for every job: industry-standard design software, innovative apps, and expensive photo and video hardware.

The tools I work with regularly include:

  • Adobe Suite products including Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, Audition, etc.
  • Procreate on the iPad
  • All sorts of random apps
  • My iPhone’s camera

Illustration of softwareI Like to Play Lots Too

I try to balance all of my work projects with fun stuff! Work hard, play hard, right? Since I’ve been making lists, here is a final list of fun stuff I do throughout the day:

Illustration of hobbiesThat’s it. That’s a day in my life in the creative department at JP. I love what I do. I am very lucky to get to do this for a living. Whether it’s work or play, I would not change being a Creative Problem Solver for a thing. =)