How JP Is Doing Black Friday

We all know holidays have looked a little different this year, but what we hadn’t thought about until recently was how Black Friday shopping would look this time around. Since many stores have already begun their Black Friday sales, we don’t expect long lines on Thursday night like we’re used to. But that doesn’t mean no lines at all! We’ve asked some of our team what they think their Black Friday traditions will look like this year and here’s what they said:

“I usually do Black Friday with my sisters, but this year we’re keeping it lowkey and going to try to shop small for all the small businesses that struggled this year because of COVID.” — CHRISTINA CHANN

“Since we’re going to be skipping in-person shopping altogether this year, I’m going to start planning extra early to make sure everything gets shipped in time for the holidays! It’s easy to get overwhelmed when we get sales promotions thrown at us every day. So instead of mindlessly searching, I’m going to try my best to be intentional and only look for what I need (Keyword: Try).” — EMILY LI

“I normally do my Black Friday shopping online, because I typically would spend Thanksgiving with my family on the coast! This year, I will be spending it in Fresno, so I will still be looking for good online deals and might go to some local stores later in the day when there are fewer crowds!” — SKYLAR KARLE

“I don’t really do Black Friday shopping. I like to stay up late on Sunday to shop Cyber Monday deals! It’s perfect because I don’t need to get out of bed to do all my shopping and it works for social distancing. Plus I get a bunch of surprise gifts in the mail afterwards LOL.” — DAISY DE LEON

“We will still follow our Black Friday tradition – quarantine style! Starting at midnight, we are going to bring our computers to the kitchen table to shop online and rotate around the table, coffee in hand and Christmas music blaring!” — TARA MONREAL

“I do Black Friday every year. This year, I’m electing to do all online shopping. I’m doing it early to avoid things being out of stock and things just not shipping in time. Frankly, I’m also readjusting expectations. Christmas is going to be more about simple little things than the gifts. More about relaxing and enjoying our family than the stuff.” — MICHELE MEISCH

“Black Friday shopping has been a tradition in our family for years and this year we intend to adapt accordingly to keep the tradition alive!

5:30am: Hit the nearest Starbucks drive-thru

6am: Head to River Park to hit Target, Bath & Body Works and Macy’s

7am: World Market, Kirkland’s and Home Goods

We’re just out for fun, we’re not necessarily looking for anything in particular, so we won’t do long lines. At some point, we’ll end at Batter Up Pancakes for breakfast, then back home for a nap.” — JEANNA ANTONINO

“I’ve gone predawn Black Friday shopping with my mom and sister EVERY SINGLE YEAR since 1997, when I was 8 months pregnant with Olivia. This year the three of us will do a little online shopping together. Then I will continue the tradition out in the wild by hitting a few stores with my daughter.” — JANE OLVERA

As you’ve read above, our team is shifting their strategies this year in an effort to still feel like they’re getting the Black Friday experience, even if it’s online. At the end of the day, what really matters is those you spend the day with and the memories you build. Happy shopping!

SHAELEY CARTER, Associate Media Buyer