Our Service to the Public Sector Goes Public

JP Marketing is known as what is called a “generalist” agency – serving many different sectors within their service area. However, a segment that has been growing over the last five years has been the public sector, or clients that are in the public service or government agency industries.

What we’ve learned is that there are many public agencies at the city, county and state levels that are looking to break away from what they’ve always done and try something new. This is where we have found opportunity to bring new strategies and cutting-edge concepts to the table to deliver measurable results.

But what we’ve also discovered is that the playful approach to our JP website might not speak to the public sector in a way that is accessible. That’s why we’ve added a section to our website specifically designed to connect with this audience.

We’ve successfully worked on a variety of campaigns for city, county and statewide initiatives. With a slightly more sophisticated appearance and a more straight-forward approach, these website pages highlight some of our public sector campaigns that hit the mark.

These pages also allow for a more interactive experience, letting partners, clients and prospects easily find the information they are looking for. Viewers can browse client wins in sectors like public and behavioral health, education and state-funded programs.

When it comes to measuring success, we put our money where our mouth is. We’ve invested in reporting tools to monitor campaign performance. Our site showcases outcome-based methodology to leverage results as a valuable resource for the viewer.

We put a lot of time and JPower into creating our new web pages. We invite you to take a look here.

HAYDEN GRAY, Copywriter