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Serving Up Mobile Food Vendor Awareness Messaging

Every food truck offers something unique, from different cuisines to a variety of menu offerings. However, in Fresno County, one thing they all have in common is upholding food safety standards. With the help of our team at JP, the Fresno County Department of Public Health (FCDPH) is on a mission to raise awareness about the mobile food vendor permitting process in their latest campaign.

As we dove into the concepting phase of this marketing campaign, we established two main goals:

  1. Raise awareness among the community regarding the importance of supporting mobile food vendors with health permits and how to check for them
  2. Guide unpermitted food vendors toward pathways to legalizing their mobile operations with easy-to-understand messaging, walking through the entire process

In order to achieve these objectives, we designed creative that was equal parts vibrant and educational. It was also essential for this campaign to consider a Spanish-first strategy with a large Hispanic population included in the target market.

This initiative was completely new to FCDPH, having had no prior media presence outside of food safety seminars or information on the county website. Based on our research and creative objectives, we decided to build creative assets for both digital and traditional media, including posters, billboards, gas pump toppers, and social ads. Combined, we believe these deliverables have the potential to reach a wider audience between the two target markets: general community members and mobile food vendors.

Video screen capture of a designer demonstrating the english and spanish digital ad lineup for Fresno County Dept. of Public Health's Public Food Vendor License campaign.
English and Spanish digital ads for Fresno County Dept. of Public Health’s Public Food Vendor License campaign.

Additionally, JP assisted FCDPH with the development of informational brochures for boots-on-the-ground outreach geared toward unpermitted food vendors who may be unaware of the current licensing process. Staff members from FCDPH regularly venture into the community to talk with these mobile food vendors about food safety. Now, with these brochures, they’re equipped with a leave-behind that continues to advance their messaging beyond those brief interactions.

Last but not least, our team worked cooperatively with FCDPH to update the mobile food vendor page on the county website. Between copy revisions and the layout of the page, we were able to make all the information on mobile food vending operations in Fresno County more accessible and user-friendly. In the midst of these website revisions, the county website went through an upgrade that shifted all of its online content to a new platform. Our web developers worked with the county IT department to navigate this transition and ensure the website design and layout worked seamlessly.

As an Account Manager at JP Marketing, I enjoy having the chance to work on a wide variety of client projects. However, this project, in particular, struck a personal cord because my mother owns and operates a mobile food business here in Fresno County. My family has been through the process of obtaining health permits and scheduling inspections to serve their customers safely. Witnessing that journey first-hand inspired me even more, to bring awareness to the community, as well as educate unpermitted mobile food vendors about their journey to becoming a safe and licensed food business.

This project was a reminder that the work we do as an agency has the potential to make a real impact on people’s lives, connecting people to resources and potentially elevating local businesses and the local economy.


Daisy De Leon, Account Manager