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Immunity in Our Community

The COVID-19 vaccine has been deemed an essential tool in the fight to end the pandemic. As doses are distributed and guidelines continuously change, the


2021 Social Media Trends… Loading

To say that we’ve all spent a lot of time on social media this year is an understatement. Brands are using these platforms to advertise

Holding hands

Finding Direction in LOSS

Since early 2019, JP has had the privilege of working with the Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health to spread the message of suicide prevention

new team members

Pineapples, Pepper Jack & Preferences – Meet Our New Team Members

We’ve just added three new team members! Please welcome Mark Lawrence, Mindy Lor and Xitlaly Ocampo. To get to know them better, we had them


Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

There are lots of pros and cons to an office job. You get to sit in a nice air conditioned room and you’re (hopefully) not

media buyer

A Day in the Life of an Assistant Media Buyer

The most frequently asked question I get is, “What does a media buyer do?” The simple answer is we buy time and space. Which sounds


Type Tuesday: The Letter X

This is a continuation of the series of designs based on the alphabet from our Creative team. Each post will include their designs and a


It Does What? Marketing a Product That is Hard to Understand

Picture this… You’re driving down the freeway and you’re coming up on an 18-wheeler (one that gives you major Optimus Prime vibes). It’s another big

gen z

Hello? Is It Gen Z You’re Looking For?

That Moment When You Realize You’re Old…  I’m 28 years old and identified by marketers as “a millennial,” but I identify myself as “an old


An Advertiser’s View: Streaming Music Services

The music industry has gone through its rough patches — primarily, suffering from a lack of record sales due to problematic piracy. And if you

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