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Why Brand Lift and Conversion Lift Studies Matter for Your Business

Impressions, clicks, and conversions are standard metrics used to measure the overall success of digital marketing campaigns. The typical path to a conversion story is as follows: First, an impression will show that the ad was seen, and the frequency measures how many times it was seen. Then, the next desired goal is for the audience to interact with the ad. This can be represented by a click that sends prospects to a landing page. Once on a landing page, a desired conversion action can be measured by using pixel code on that site. However, these metrics alone do not tell the whole story. Many other less commonly used metrics can give insight into an audience’s experience with paid digital ads. For example, some other metrics showcase how our ads perform by utilizing a social platform’s internal data. These are called lift studies.

Many other less commonly used metrics can give insight into an audience’s experience

There are two common lift studies: brand lift studies and conversion lift studies. A brand lift study is a type of marketing experiment that measures the incremental impact of an advertising campaign on brand awareness, ad recall, and other brand-related metrics. In other words, it measures how much more people are aware of your brand, remember your ads, and have positive associations with your brand after seeing your digital ads. On the other hand, a conversion lift study measures the impact of a campaign on increasing a desired action, such as a completed sale, sign-up, or other specific conversion.

Lift studies can be conducted on a variety of advertising channels, including search engines, social media, and display advertising. They are typically performed by randomly assigning people to either a test or control group. The test group is shown your ads, while the control group is not. Both groups are then monitored to see how many conversions they generate. The difference in conversion rates or comparison of ad performance between the two groups is referred to as incremental lift. As a result, our media team can tell a much more detailed story of the performance of your paid advertising.

We believe it’s crucial for you to know about these studies because they provide a clear, data-driven way to measure the success of your marketing efforts. These studies offer valuable insights into how your campaigns impact your brand perception and drive conversions. By understanding the real impact of our work, we can optimize your marketing strategies to achieve the best results. At JP, we want to empower you with the knowledge and transparency you need to maximize your marketing investments and drive long-term success.

Drew Cullinan | Digital Media Buyer

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