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Media Minute - Glenn Lee

Media Minute

The world of media is a vast one! This edition of Media Minute breaks down some key terminology, math, and must-knows for ad campaigns. Media

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Political Year Survival Kit

Here We Go Again …another political year that creates havoc for clients and media buyers alike. Every four years, we vote senior leaders into office.

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Finding Your Perfect Mix

You know that satisfaction you get when you get the ratio of coffee to cream and sugar just right? Yeah, we get the same feeling

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The Art of Captions

You’ve snapped the perfect picture and can’t wait to share it with all of your followers. But before you post your Insta-worthy moment, the pressure

Parallel Tracking

Google Ads Parallel Tracking

Are you tired of clicking on an ad and it taking so long for you to get redirected to a company’s website?  From my own