Our Pre-Game Analysis on Super Bowl Advertising

Our Pre-Game Analysis on Super Bowl Advertising

Football-themed snacks. Final score predictions. Fans dressed in their team’s colors. That’s right… it’s time for Super Bowl LVII

Last year, more than 99 million viewers tuned into the most anticipated NFL game of the season. In fact, the Super Bowl consistently ranks as one of the most watched live broadcasts on television. With an audience as devoted and diverse as the Super Bowl, it’s hard to turn a blind eye to the opportunities this annual broadcast brings to the advertising industry. While JP doesn’t have an ad running in the Super Bowl… this year… we do keep a close eye on these big industry events to help inspire campaigns for our own clients. Without further ado, here’s our pre-game analysis of advertising during the big game.

Over the years, the Super Bowl has become more than just a game of football. Some might argue it’s a reflection of American culture and society. With that shift toward entertainment has also come the shift in advertising opportunities. Whether you’re tuning in for the game, to watch Rhianna rock the halftime show, or prefer to catch the creative take on advertising that happens in between, surely the entire broadcast offers the industry’s best can’t-miss moments. That’s why some advertisers are not hesitant to spend millions of dollars to reach this audience once a year.

Even with all the new influences surrounding the Super Bowl, television advertising remains the primary platform to showcase a brand’s voice and image with quality content, but as we mentioned, it comes with a price! To air one of the more expensive spots, an average 30-second commercial during the game costs around $5.5 million. Despite the price tag, brands have consistently seen positive returns on investments of various forms, including high levels of engagement, boosts in social media interactions, and the potential to go viral or even make a more lasting impact.

Speaking of which, online advertising has become a newer opportunity for Super Bowl advertising. Online advertising allows companies to reach a highly targeted audience at a lower cost, using platforms like Meta, YouTube, streaming services, cable partnerships, etc. These mediums also allow media buyers to track engagement in real time and geotarget the right people with a relevant message. This flexibility offers brands the chance to extend their reach beyond the actual game and engage with fans pre and post-Super Bowl.     

Overall, both television and online media offer ample possibilities to get a company’s message across, and have fun doing it in the process! So, as the teams warm up for one of the biggest games of their careers on Sunday, February 12th, so will marketing and advertising professionals. We’ll all be watching closely at trends and industry strategies to see what stands out, what makes a lasting impression, and how we can use all of these to our advantage when it comes to captivating an audience on our next big project. 

Glenn Lee, Media Buyer