Eye on #JPWinsight

We’re a month into the new year, and I don’t know about you, but it feels like everyone’s going 65 in a school zone. Birthdays, deadlines and anniversaries all blur together, and while I know there was cake, I don’t think I truly savored every bite. What should’ve been a moment to enjoy became a “slice and run,” with me ready to start the next big project or celebrate an upcoming milestone.

That’s why it’s fitting to remember #JPWinsight. Around the office, the hashtag’s our mantra to pause and appreciate what’s happening today. Whether it’s a quick note to strengthen a client relationship, or a spark in a brainstorm session that fuels an entire campaign, we’re making it a point to celebrate those little moments.

Here’s what a few JPeeps had to share about their recent moments of #JPWinsight:

“It can be easy to get caught up in the stress of deadlines and overlook the things that are worth celebrating. #JPWinsight can serve as a filter to check your attitude and think about the little wins that happen on a day-to-day basis.” THILANI GRUBEL, Account Manager

“Our creative department meets once a week to go over projects, and at the end we take turns hosting a creative exercise. I wanted to get to know the team a little better, so we played ‘3 truths and a lie.’ It’s nice to get another glimpse of the people I work with every day and remember that we’re more than our titles here. I also learned that Katrina & Oliver are good human lie detectors. #JPWinsight” DILLON WHITE, Web Developer

“I’ve been thinking about a recent ‘win’ for me as I’ve stepped in to manage an account. I feel like I’m finally getting a glimpse of a ‘day in the life of an account manager’ and I’m excited for what’s to come! #JPWinsight” CYNTHIA AVILA, Associate Account Manager

I’m using #JPWinsight to remind myself that taking a big creative risk starts with that first step. Big ideas start by writing one word at a time. As for celebrating a great pitch or winning new biz? Now that’s a piece of cake.

What’s your win? Tell us on social and use the hashtag #JPWinsight!