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What #JPeeps See Trending in 2020

The year is 2020, you open your Instagram app, swipe right to your stories camera and browse the effects that can tell you which character or food item you are. How the times have changed! In just a few weeks, everyone’s DMs were flooded with Disney characters and Crunchwrap Supremes, which leads us to think, “What else is on the horizon this year?” Leave it to our #JPeeps to keep you ahead of the curve with their hot trends predictions.

Authentic > Scripted

“2020 will be the year of live video. We saw it happen in 2016 where the birth of live video on social platforms happened, but by 2019, a lot of social users realized how much strength it had. With the practice we had last year, this year the unscripted, go-with-the-flow of videos will grow so much in popularity. There’s something vulnerable, entertaining, and exciting about live video that people are craving.” CHRISTINA CHANN, Media Buyer

Meaningful Connections


“Brands have started to utilize their social media platforms to build a personal connection with their community. This transition from quantity vs. quality can be attributed to the rise of small businesses and marketers focused on reaching younger demographics. This year, you will also be exposed to more advanced and dynamic targeted ads because consumers are getting more comfortable with the idea of social selling.” BROOKE BINGHAM, Digital Media Buyer

Designing with Accountability

Corona plastic-free biodegradable six pack rings


“In the past, product design development centered around getting into the hands of the consumer. While this still holds true, I foresee designers having to take into account social issues, such as global waste and inclusiveness, more than ever. Designers will have to think beyond the consumer and put into consideration the societal and environmental impacts of packaging and advertisements. Many brands, such as Corona, have already implemented this new practice into their branding. For designers especially, keeping the user experience in mind while also considering the impact after-the-fact can be an entirely new way of thinking.” PABLO RUIZ DE CHAVEZ, Web Developer

Evolution of Adaptable Videos

Skiing gif with different video formats


“Nowadays, videos need to be edited separately as vertical, square, and widescreen formats so they can be viewed at their most effective sizes relative to the screen they are being viewed on. Premiere Pro even added a new feature for editing that allows you to track a subject in a widescreen video and have it reframe the video to a vertical or square format. I think there is going to be an evolution of more adaptable videos that change in size depending on your viewing device.” OLIVER GREENBARG, Graphic Designer and Photographer

Dark Mode

“I think this year would be big on this “Dark Mode” look influenced by Apple. It is a very modern look and makes colors and design elements pop from the screen. You are already seeing apps transition to these dark designs. It’s a matter of time before more websites apply this look.” BRANDON OCEGUEDA, Web Developer

We would love to hear the trends you’re most looking forward to this year!