Immunity in Our Community

The COVID-19 vaccine has been deemed an essential tool in the fight to end the pandemic. As doses are distributed and guidelines continuously change, the message has been confusing at best: we’re almost across the finish line so we can return to “normal.” Well, maybe, the “new normal”? Or nothing normal at all?

Regardless, vaccine hesitancy remains an ongoing challenge in Fresno County, with more vaccines readily available than people who want them. We needed to turn this tide by targeting residents who carried fears, misconceptions, and attitudes. JP collaborated with the Fresno County Department of Public Health to nudge people to get their shots.

And yeah, we rolled up our sleeves – literally. We produced three independent campaigns in English, Spanish and Hmong equipped with video, radio, print and web ads.

1: Gen Z

Contrary to some belief, young people should get vaxed. To help convey that message, we produced two video commercials that play off other spots you’ve seen where there’s a twist at the end. One, a play on the traditional blind date, and the other reminding the community that doing your part results in the best breakup of all time – breaking up with your mask.

2: Myth vs. Fact

How do you break through a sea of vax messaging? We decided a little visual shock value-taking myths head-on might capture attention while conveying the truth about the COVID-19 vaccination. With a touch of humor and trippy video treatments, we addressed everything from babies to zombies.


  1. Disadvantaged & Hesitant

How do you help hesitant people to move towards a positive vaccine decision? An intimate conversation is a good start. Developed in our own studio, we produced two long-format videos and short PSAs targeting the Spanish and Hmong communities of Fresno.

While these messages are out there attempting to break through and move people to action, we know our work isn’t done. We continue to work on more messaging strategies that help us get to community immunity. Have an idea you want to share? Post in the comments below.

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Hayden Gray, Copywriter