Hayden Gray | Copywriter

Creative people don’t have a mess; they have ideas lying around everywhere.”

With a background in marketing and public relations, Hayden has a knack for connecting with an audience. She specializes in concept cultivation, branding and feature writing.

As JP’s copywriting, Hayden prioritizes the client experience from start to finish. She enjoys crafting messages with a voice that’s fit for each client and collaborating with the creative department on a variety of projects.

Hayden is a former communication specialist at Fresno State’s Jordan College of Agriculture, and her expertise is rooted in social media management and news writing. She is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Communications at Fresno State.

Message establishment
Product success

Strengths: Achiever, Competition, Responsibility, Focus, Arranger 

  • This lettuce fanatic hails from Salinas, CA, aka “The Salad Bowl of The World.” She is proud that her hometown produces 75% of the nation’s most adored leafy greens.
  • Hayden spends the majority of her spare time on the slopes. She’s even a part of the Fresno State Ski & Snowboard Club.
  • Hayden’s all-time favorite Christmas gift received was a Taylor Swift album at the age of 8. Quiz her on any album, song or lyric. She’s been a diehard ‘Swiftie’ since 2006!