Three Steps to Building Good Mobile-First Design

It’s no secret that consumers are increasingly online and on the go. In addition, as technology advances, screens and devices are becoming smaller and more high-tech. So, when considering an update to your website, it’s important to start by considering the look and feel of the site on a mobile device. Then you have a solid foundation to build up the site from there. Here are our top three steps to building a good mobile-first web design…

Step One: Clutter-Free Content

Step back and prioritize the contents of your website. Due to specific sizing constraints with a mobile-first strategy, it’s essential to remove anything that might distract from a user’s experience. Consider who, what, and why users are visiting your website. Then, build material and messaging from there. Remember: The core of a mobile-first web design is quality content that is quickly accessible to users. Cut out the noise and remove that clutter!

Step Two: Clear and Concise Navigation

Your website is only as good as your navigation. After all, what good is content if users can’t find it? So don’t compromise a valuable user experience for the sake of “wowing” visitors with a fancy navigation system. Instead, make it clear and concise. Put navigation where users expect to find it and have it function how the users anticipate it to work. Ask, “What do visitors do on my website?” and “What are they looking for here?” Then, build an easy-to-reach navigation system accordingly.

Woman using smartphone. The concept of using the phone is essential in everyday life.

Step Three: Keep It Simple

Last but not least, keep your mobile-first web design simple. With limited real estate to work with, include elements that users can engage with using their mobile devices. Remove any extraneous features like ads, pop-ups, and distracting content from each page. In the end, if it doesn’t add value, it’s likely better left out of the final design.

Ultimately, a good mobile-first design means quick, easy, and accessible. Combining these three steps are a great starting point to bringing your website to life and into the hands of users.

Dillon White, Web Designer